An Open Letter To Jeff Burton

Dear Jeff Burton,

As Daytona approaches, I want to write this letter to show my appreciation. When I first began watching NASCAR in 1999 I was 7 years old, and I had no idea who to follow. There were no “teams,” no one from my state (Minnesota), and it was a completely different beast than any other sport I knew about. I chose to follow the 99 car since it was 1999, and I couldn’t have made a better choice for a driver to follow.

You probably don’t remember, but I met you at a Cingular store in Las Vegas in 2005. My Dad handed you a phone to talk to my Mom back home, and you chastised both of them for having Verizon instead of Cingular. It is a great memory, and I’m happy to have it and to have had the chance to meet you.

As the 2014 season approaches with the announcement that you’ll be running a partial season and will be transitioning into the broadcast booth, I can’t help but look back and think over the many memories. The race in Vegas with Kyle Busch, the fight with Jeff Gordon, winning at Daytona. I also remember your work to advance the sport and to promote advances in safety over the years. NASCAR would be different without you, and I look forward to what comes next.

I don’t know that you’ll ever read this, but anyone who does should know how great a person you are, as well as a great competitor. I was as happy for you winning the NASCAR Illustrated Man of the Year as I was for any race you won, because I knew it was well deserved. While you may not run a full season again as you look to transition to the broadcast booth, you will always be my driver. Thank you for being such a wonderful role model, as well as a great driver and man.

Sincerely yours,
Erik Beck


One thought on “An Open Letter To Jeff Burton

  1. Nancy Chastain

    Absolutely loved your letter to Jeff Burton very well said.I feel absolutely feel the same way.Jeff has been the only driver I ever had or will ever root for and support.I picked out the 99 car because of the black/pink colors had no idea what the driver looked like,I even named my cat EXIDE. I repect his decision but will miss him dearly when he does..

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