State of the Blog 2015

When I first created this blog site towards the end of 2013, I had intentions to begin regularly posting about different things going on in my life and anything else I might be interested in. However, in the first year I only posted occasionally, finding that not keeping myself to a regular schedule meant that I wasn’t motivated to post anything.

After being told during my internship last summer that I was a good writer, and thanks to a couple of school assignments, I’ve finally started to regularly post on this blog. As of right now I’m on an every-other Wednesday posting schedule, and I plan on continuing this schedule into the New Year. Topics will vary, but will typically focus on different issues in the world today, often with an emphasis on issues of racial reconciliation.

I am also excited to announce that, starting this Friday, I will begin making and uploading videos on YouTube at the mn_mohawk channel. These videos will be posted twice a week with a vlog style format. More information about these videos will come from my video post on Friday. Some of the videos will likely correlate to posts here, but many of them will be on separate topics, things I’m interested, or things that may be happening in the world. This was another project that I’d felt like doing for some time, and finally found both the motivation and desire to make something new.

I am happy and excited about these projects going into the New Year. As always, don’t forget to subscribe here, like on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and now also subscribe on YouTube for continuing updates.


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