Fitness Challenge 2K17 Week 1 – Day 49

Here we are; week one is officially in the books. This week was interesting in terms of getting a baseline regarding some of the goals I set last week, and I found some things to be much easier than others. For starters, running went according to plan. The only hiccup in the exercise routine this week was Ultimate Frisbee getting cancelled on Tuesday night thanks to rain. I did find my longest run of the week to be incredibly difficult, and had to push myself much harder than expected during the entirety of the run. Hopefully, as the year progresses, I’ll be able to get faster and run further; I’m not terribly happy with where my times are at right now.

The other two categories I was going to record, sleep and food, didn’t fare as well as exercise. On Wednesday, I decided not to write down what had happened that day before I went to sleep, which led to a pattern of not recording up until today. If I thought really hard, I could probably come up with most of what I’ve eaten this week, but I couldn’t come up with the sleep numbers. I’ve also been letting a dog out this week, which has changed my sleep flow a bit, with me waking up, letting him out, and then going back to sleep, so any actual numbers there would be cumulative for the day, but actual overnight sleep would be limited.

With that said, here is my list of what I did this week:

Saturday Night into Sunday

3 hours (this was a rough night; how fitting this happened the night I decided to keep track of my sleep)

Sunday Food

Bagel with Peanut Butter

Vitamin Water


1 pint Haagen Dazs

2 servings pretzel sticks

8 life saver mints

bagel with cinnamon sugar

1 chicken breast with marinara


Sunday exercise

run 1.5 miles, 16:03

Sunday Night into Monday

9 hours

Monday Food

2 Pancakes (butter sugar syrup)


Chips and Queso

5 Chicken Tenders (BBQ sauce)

8 lifesaver mints

½ bottle fruit punch

Chips and Queso

Monday Night into Tuesday

6 Hours

Tuesday Food

Bagel with peanut butter


5 chicken strips (BBQ)

Chips and Queso


Crackers and cheese

10 lifesaver mints

Tuesday Exercise

N/A – Frisbee cancelled

Tuesday Night into Wednesday

5 hours of sleep

Wednesday Food

Bagel with peanut butter


Wednesday Exercise

run 3.5 miles, 41:12

Thursday Exercise

off day – disc golf

Friday Exercise

run 3.25 miles, 36:19

Saturday Food

Peanut Butter Bagel


cinnamon sugar bagel

bagel sandwich


2 bottles Gatorade (12 oz)


Saturday Exercise

run 3 miles, 34:22

I said in the last Fitness Challenge post that I want to solidify some unknowns as time goes on here, and that was largely in reference to continuing to set goals related to where I need to grow. I’ve decided that I’ll be setting some smaller goals on a week-by-week basis that will help be get to a better, healthier place incrementally. This week, I have three goals to work on;

  1. Write everything down before going to bed.

Thinking I would remember everything later in the week was wishful thinking, especially since I knew there would be a good chance I wouldn’t remember. Along with writing things down, I’d like to begin writing down portions and servings where necessary (i.e., how many cookies I ate). Some of this comes from previous food tracking that I’ve done, and some is to actually help myself see what I’m eating and where I can improve.

  1. Eat something green every day.

Like a vegetable, not something moldy. Vegetables and I have a…less than stellar relationship, mostly related to me not liking them. However, I don’t get to ignore them, no matter how much I’d like to. I’d like to (and probably should) move to more per day, but this seems like a simple place to start.

  1. One day without sugar.

I really like sugar. REALLY like sugar. I get to a point in my day where I start craving something sugary, which is probably a sign of an addiction. In the continuing spirit of setting a goal that is achievable and will set me up for future success, I’m going to go one day without sugar – OK, added sugar, like desserts and the like. I know there are natural sugars in a lot of things; the big issue for me is highly processed food. This is probably a goal that will be refined with a better understanding of what all falls into this category, but it seems like a good place to start.

On top of these three goals, I am already thinking of other goals that I’ll probably start to integrate into this week before they become “official.”

Unplugging before midnight.

At the moment, I’m up past midnight. That time is primarily spent on the computer. Both of these things have a negative impact on my sleep patterns. Pushing to be unplugged before midnight will help both with sleep and with getting work done earlier in the day.

Less dairy.

I eat a lot of dairy. Cheese, milk, ice cream – all in fairly large quantities. Ice cream has been less of an issue since the start of the year (I had a two month no buying ice cream policy), but the amount dairy I’ve been consuming overall has been growing in recent weeks. It’s time to start cutting back.

Physical activity stuff.

First, I need to stretch more after running. I had a couple days with very minimal stretching, which is how I’ve gotten hurt more times than necessary in the past. Second, I need to get back to more than just running, so I’m going to start incorporating more core work this week.

These three areas aren’t all specific or measurable yet because I don’t know what they’ll need to look like in the future; I’m hoping to find out while going through next week. I’ll be back next week, hopefully with a more complete report – no, for sure with a more complete report.


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