Fitness Challenge 2k17 Week 2 – Day 56

With week two wrapped up, let’s start by taking a look back at how I did with the goals I set last week:

Write everything down before going to bed

I think I completed this through Wednesday of this week. I did remember much more through the week thanks to this, and had less to try remembering when the end of the week came. Still, there is room for improvement here.

Eat something green every day

This happened every day, so success on this front (when you look at the list below, the sandwiches and tacos contained the green stuff on those days). The goal now is to continue to eat more green stuff.

One day without sugar

I did this on Friday, and was able to successfully get through the day. I had planned to do this on Wednesday, and then Thursday, but forgot both days until after I’d made my pancakes. This is something I will be continuing to do.

Additionally, a goal I’d forgotten about while writing last week’s post was about eating three meals each day. There were a couple days during week one where I didn’t eating a full meal in the middle of the day. Instead, I was grazing throughout the day, which I felt wasn’t helpful to me. This week, I did eat three meals each day (with the possible exception of Thursday).

For a more general reflection on the week, that I started getting sick on Tuesday, and went into full-blown sick mode on Wednesday. This was thanks to the lack of sleep I’ve been getting. My food habits were somewhat affected by being sick, and my exercise was completely affected, with nothing happening on Wednesday and Thursday, and very little happening on Friday. Look for a sleep goal down below, but first, here is my food/exercise/sleep log for the week:

Saturday Night into Sunday
6 hours
Sunday food
2 Cinnamon Sugar Bagel
2 gatorade
2 slices pizza
Ravioli w/marinara
6 serv Crackers
3 cheese slices
2 serv Ginger snaps

Sunday exercise
2 miles, 24:04

Sunday night into Monday
4 ½ hours
1 ½ hour nap

Monday food
Peanut butter bagel
5 serv gingersnaps
4 small pieces sourdough toast w cinnamon sugar
2 chicken tacos

Monday exercise
1.5 miles, 17:17
1 round disc golf

Monday Night into Tuesday
6 hours sleep
2 hour nap

Tuesday food
3 pancakes
4 glasses milk
5 chicken tenders (BBQ)
2 chicken tacos
10 serv cookie
3 cheese slices
1 serv crackers

Tuesday exercise
2.25 mile walk

Tuesday night into Wednesday
5 hours

Wednesday Food
6 serv cookies
7 chicken tenders (bbq)
4 pancakes
2 chicken sandwiches
1 glass milk

Wednesday exercise
N/A (sick)

Wednesday night into Thursday
9 hours sleep

Thursday food
3 pancakes
4 quesadillas
2 chicken sandwiches
peanut butter bagel
10 lifesaver mints

Thursday Exercise
N/A (sick)

Thursday night into Friday
5 hours

Friday food
peanut butter bagel
2 quesadillas
2 chicken sandwiches
bagel with butter

Friday exercise
throwing frisbee (45 minutes?)

Friday night into Saturday
7 hours

Saturday Food
bagel w/butter
bagel sandwich (chicken, cheese, spinach)
chicken breast
cinnamon sugar bagel
chips and salsa
Goals for next week:

  1. Unplugging before midnight (or sleep…)

The need for a sleep goal presents a challenge at the moment. I need more sleep every night. I know I do. Getting sick this week only reinforced that point. There’s a possibility, though, that my scheduling will be changing in the near future, so unplugging before midnight may become an obsolete necessity. In any case (regarding the time I go to sleep), one problem, I believe, is that I have my computer or phone out up to the point I’m trying to go to sleep. As long as I’m going to sleep post midnight, that’ll be the cutoff time. If that changes, then the time will shift to reflect an hour or so before going to sleep.

  1. Incorporating core exercises

This didn’t happen during the last week due to being sick (have I mentioned that I was sick this week?), so it’ll get drawn into this week. I know some exercises already, but I’ll probably be looking for more (if you know any good ones, feel free to comment).

Other thoughts…

On dairy (and animal products in general)

I’ll be honest in saying that I’m not sold on the need for a vegan diet from an ethical standpoint, at least regarding the act of eating animals at all. I understand more from an ethical standpoint with regards to the massive amount of production in this area and its effect on the environment and food production as a whole. Additionally, I understand a vegan diet from a health standpoint. I saw a friend lose 25 pounds I didn’t know he had to lose over the last year after switching his diet. I’d started to pull back a bit on the amount of animal products I consume, but that’s fallen off this calendar year. With the food allergies I have, I think a vegan diet would be difficult to the point of not making sense, but I do think I can pull back again. I’ve already cut red meat out of my home diet, and rarely eat it at all. Dairy is an easy place to target based on the amount of dairy I consume – milk, ice cream, cheese…plus, this stuff is pricey. One of the problems is that I’m not sure how to quantify this. I know what I buy at the moment, and I know what buying less would look like, but going in without an actual number has potential for another increase in consumption. I’ll be thinking more about how to quantify this entire section over the next week, and am open to suggestions on this.

Finally, I’m also interested in researching how the food I eat is produced with regards to any ethical concerns. I know this’ll probably take some time (like, a lot of time), so I’ll probably be starting with the animal products. I don’t know how much of a concern other foodstuffs are in this category. If this doesn’t happen quickly, this may show up on a future goal list.


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