A bit more of a Journal… – Day 57

Shoot, guys, I’m not sure what I’ve got for you today.

I was dogsitting for the last couple weeks, and while I enjoyed being with a dog for two weeks, I found my sleep schedule to be affected quite dramatically. I couldn’t really sleep past a certain point, since I had to feed him and whatnot, but since I was still going to bed as late as I had been, I was not getting nearly enough sleep, which is why I’ve been sick for the last five days. I realized that, while I really like dogs, I’m not sure about owning a dog. We had a dog when I was a kid, and it seemed easy enough from my 8-year-old point of view, but taking care of a dog is more work than 8-year-old me thought. It’s not even necessarily the work itself, but the constant nature of needing to be sure the dog is OK. Plus there’s the training of the dog, making sure the dog gets outside…it all seems easy as I write about it, but it’s more time consuming than writing a couple sentences about it….

Coming into this without a topic still seems strange, and still feels like something more suited for a vlog than a blog. The interesting thing is that I started writing more in part because I didn’t have a very large selection of writing samples, but there are a lot of things here that don’t really fall into that category. I do think back to when I decided to write 1,000 words a day instead of 2,000, and I’m so grateful to past me. Writing 2,000 words a day isn’t as difficult when you know what you’re writing about and you have research done and things like that, but coming up with new topics daily has made 1,000 words a challenge. I’m pretty sure I haven’t even hit 2,000 words once yet.

Nearly two months in, I still think about whether I would skip a day or drop below 1,000 words one day, but it seems like an impossibility for me – I said I was going to do something, so I’m going to do it. I don’t think that’s always been true, but it’s certainly something I’ve done related to blogging and vlogging. I think I’ve written here about not liking to be perceived as a quitter; that probably has a lot to do with this…

I went to a hockey game on Thursday, the Minnesota Wild came to Denver to play the Avalanche. I’m always worried about getting to the arena before the puck drops, and get to the train station with what I think is a reasonable amount of time to give me a buffer. Then I get to the arena an hour early. That’s the type of timing I used to have when I was in marching band. I was uncomfortable during my senior year of high school if I wasn’t at school an hour before rehearsal started.

At the game, after the national anthem, I looked down, and in the row in front of me, a couple seats down, were people I knew. They ended up having an open seat next to them (actually, there were a lot of open seats that night…Colorado didn’t have a great year this year). The game was quite enjoyable, if stressful. The Wild did end up winning, but nearly gave up a 2 goal lead twice. They scored the first two, with the first one coming 10 seconds into the game, but then the Avalanche scored 2. Then the Wild scored another 2, and the Avalanche nearly tied it again. Actually, it looked like they maybe did, but their game tying goal was waved off after review because of goaltender interference. Getting the win was good for us, because it helped secure home-ice advantage for the first round of the playoffs, which will be starting up this week.

Hockey playoffs go for a long time; right around two months. They start now, and won’t be done until June. It seems strange to play hockey in June, but then again, the NHL has teams in Dallas and Phoenix and Florida, and are expanding into Las Vegas, so who knows what makes sense…

Has this been sufficiently weird enough yet? Is anyone still here?

I have a job interview on Tuesday, at 7:15 in the morning. Gonna be an early start, but I’ll have to get used to that if I get the job. Also, I will not be saying where I’m interviewing, or where I’m working when I’m in a job, because I’d rather information like that not be floating around…

Looks like we’ll have sun and warmer temperatures on Tuesday too, so I’ll finally be able to get back on a Frisbee field. I haven’t played a competitive Ultimate Frisbee game since last May, so I think it will probably be fairly difficult. I do really enjoy the game, though, and I’ve gotten better in the time I’ve lived in Colorado. A lot of the people I hung out with in seminary were Frisbee people. I suppose that was my extra-curricular activity.

Perhaps above all, today was the start of Holy Week, so I’ll be heading to some church services toward the end of the week. My most interesting Holy Week was probably when I was in Guatemala in 2012, but that may need its own post to explain. They take Holy Week very seriously in Antigua, Guatemala.

Let’s set that for tomorrow. I’ll talk about what Holy Week was like in Antigua, and, really, the two months leading up to Holy Week. I’ll be back to a topical post tomorrow, so thank goodness for that. I’ll probably be back to posting before midnight, too, so that’s even better. One day into trying to shut the computer off before midnight, and here I am, at 12:30, trying to finish off whatever this just was.


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