A New Job Changes the Landscape – Fitness Challenge 2k17 Week 3

First, I am aware that today is Sunday. I’ve decided to switch my weekly recap from Saturday to Sunday because it seems easier to do a recap of the full week when the week is actually over. I don’t remember why I decided to do it on Saturday in the first place, but it will now happen on Sunday.

However, even with the move meant to help show a better recap of the week, I don’t have any food tracking from the week. I know I had a bagel for breakfast every day except Wednesday when I went out; I know I had something green every day except Saturday; I know I had pizza for dinner last night; but I don’t know everything I had this week. The need to record before the day is done is much more apparent this week. I think the reason I talk myself into thinking I can remember everything is because I can remember everything for about three days, at which point I tell myself I can do it for the full week if I can do it for three days. So, I will be recommitting to food tracking every day before going to sleep.

On the exercise front this week, I ran 1.5 miles on Monday and Wednesday, at 15:56 and 19:51, respectively, and played two games of Ultimate Frisbee on Tuesday night. The big change this week was beginning a job loading boxes onto the backs of trucks for delivery (take a wild guess about where this could be). The job is incredibly physical, and appears that it will take 5-6 hours, 5 days a week. Until I settle into this schedule, I don’t think I’ll be running very far anytime soon.

The job has also affected my sleep schedule. I woke up at 5:45 this morning, which is now considered sleeping in. I’m still working for 8 hours of sleep, but am going to bed much earlier than I have, possibly ever.

At this point, I don’t have any new goals going into this week; I’ll just be recommitting to the previous ones. There will be special attention paid to the food tracking, since eating poorly is going to be less of an option with the need to stay healthy for as physical as my job is. The only real change will be an increase in stretching, since my whole body is not terribly happy at the amount of work it’s been asked to do so far.


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