Is What I’m Doing Helping? – Fitness Challenge 2k17 Week 4

Week 4 is in the books, and it has led me to question some of what I’m doing.

I stopped keeping close track of my weight for a while, so while I don’t know specifics, I believe I’ve lost around 5 pounds in the week-and-a-half I’ve worked at my new job. The job is quite physical, to say the least, and working 5+ hour shifts will certainly affect change in my body. Hopefully the feeling will begin to be one of my strength being built up rather than feeling torn down, but I think that’s just a matter of time. I would hope that I’ll start feeling that change in the next week or two.

However, with looking at my food tracking, I’m noticing that my sugar intake has not changed, at that I don’t really have accurate accounts of what I’m eating. Part of why I’ve had trouble in the past with food tracking is because it has felt so tedious, trying to account for every calorie. I haven’t just been able to say “a sandwich;” I’ve had to individually list ingredients. Some of this may have come from my personality, but trying to get the most accurate picture required that step.

This week, I will start to track a more accurate representation of portion sizes. I also plan to begin looking through apps so I can put things into my phone as the day progresses, rather than going through everything at the end of the day. I am hoping that this will be more helpful in showing what I’m eating and how I can change habits in order to be healthier. With the physical nature of my job, I’ve been working on eating better in order to stay healthy for work as well as just for my well-being. (Actually, I guess that’s a part of my well-being as well…) Also this week, I need to go back through the individual goals I’ve set and see where I’m at with each of those goals. An update on all of that next week; now, my tracking from this week:

Sunday Food
Bagel w/cinnamon sugar
4 cheesecake brownies
chocolate ice cream
mixed berry juice

Sunday Exercise

Sunday night into Monday
9 hours

Monday food
Bagel Sandwich
both juices
robin eggs
2 quesadillas (bbq)

Monday exercise
1.5 mile walk

Monday night into Tuesday
6.5-7 hours

Tuesday Food
2 quesadillas
cheese and crackers
3 pancakes
robin eggs
2 quesadillas (bbq)

Tuesday exercise
5 hours at work

Tuesday Night into Wednesday
6.5 hours

Wednesday Food
cheese and crackers
vitamin water
ice cream

Wednesday exercise
5:20 at work
2 mile walk

Wednesday night into Thursday
7 hours

Thursday food
2 sandwiches
2 brownies
Vitamin water
Sugar buns
2 sandwiches

Thursday exercise
6 hours at work

Thursday night into Friday
around 7

Friday food
2 brownies
Vitamin water
ice cream

Friday exercise
6 hours at work

Friday night into Saturday
around 7

Saturday food
Bagel w/butter
3 brownies
Chocolate milk
Italian sausage

Saturday exercise
5 hours at work


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