Fitness Challenge 2k17 Week 8 – Diet

Yes, I skipped writing last week.

No, I did not skip working or thinking about this whole process.

I realized as I was trying to write last week that things I’m doing seem to be the same, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – if they’re working. The thing is, they don’t seem to be working. Working as long as I do in a job as physically demanding as the one I have should (I think) be showing more results. I have noticed that I am stronger – I have not noticed that I’m healthier. The first stint of food tracking (pre apathy and phone issues) showed pretty quickly that my diet was terrible, so the focus at this point is shifting from the physical aspects I’d planned at the start of this challenge to the food aspects I need to be healthy. There are three main parts to this renewed focus:

No More Sugar*

I’ve realized that sugar takes up a huge part of what I eat. I think a huge contributing factor to my previous weight loss was cutting out a huge amount of processed foods due to food allergy, and the gain has been in part to finding ways to replace those foods. So, I’m cutting that stuff out. I’ll finish what I have at home, and then completely cut out (to the best of my ability) refined sugar from my diet.

This is where the asterisk comes in. At this point, I don’t know everything that has refined or added sugar in it, so I probably won’t hit everything. Also, having made my own bread, I know how much sugar can be in bread, but I won’t be cutting that out completely. Still, I’ll do what I can, and we’ll see what happens over the next couple weeks.

No More Cheese*

I’ve also decided to cut cheese. I realized recently that how frequently I eat cheese isn’t reflected in how much I eat cheese. Additionally, I know about how much we overeat animal products, and this is another way to cut some of that out (I don’t plan to entirely cut animal products, mostly because it’s just easier with my allergies to eat meat rather than trying to figure out what I can eat).

The asterisk here comes with things like pizza, where cheese is kind of a main part of the food. It’s not a lot of foods, but a few. I don’t eat pizza too terribly often, so it’s not a huge addition, but there will be some instances where I will be having cheese. At this point, the only dairy I’m expecting to have is milk and butter, and about the only meat I eat is chicken.

3 Meals a Day

The change in schedule that has come out of this new job has made it difficult for me to know when to eat, which has led to grazing throughout the day. This maybe wouldn’t be as big of an issue if my choices weren’t as bad as they have been, but I want to get back to eating full meals were I can at least attempt to balance what I’m eating. Maybe at the same time I’ll be able to learn what snacking can look like.

So, as with most things, I’m jumping into this headfirst without much of a plan, with the intention of learning more as I go. The next big food step will be finding more things I can learn how to prepare and that I can eat. Overall, we’ll take a couple weeks to see if there’re any noticeable differences due to the food changes. (I’ve also already had cravings for a lot of sugar, so we’ll see how this goes).


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