Fitness Challenge 2k17 Week 9 – I think the diet’s working

Week 1 of no sugar is in the books, and it has been quite difficult. I could definitely tell throughout the week that I’ve been using sugar as a response to stress, typically right after work, because those have been the times I’ve most wanted to eat something with sugar. the cut seems to have worked, though, since I lost somewhere around 4 pounds this week (don’t remember where I started last week; weighed in at 210.6 this morning). Additionally, I have two pair of pants that didn’t fit 6 weeks ago but do now, so I think the sugarless diet will continue.

I did eat cheese once last week, on my pizza that I got yesterday. As mentioned, that was going to be my exception. I do miss cheese on my Chipotle and on sandwiches, but I still think I’ll keep up the guidelines I set up last week.

For my ever present weekly physical activity, I spent the longest amount of time yet at my job during the last week; 32 hours. I thought I’d gotten to a point where I could physically handle this job, but questions were reintroduced this week thanks to my heaviest workload to date. Unfortunately, there’s only one way to approach this job – keep doing it. So, hopefully at some point I’ll be physically able to keep up with this job.

The goal for this week is to do a better job of stretching daily, especially after work. I had a moment yesterday where I didn’t realize it was possible to be as stiff as I was, and I have been sore across different parts of my body many times in the last 7 weeks, so hopefully stretching will help that out and help prevent any potential injuries.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more next week.


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