Fitness Challenge 2k17 Week 10 – A Continuation

Week 2 without sugar in the books. Woke up this morning at 206, which makes roughly 7 pounds in two weeks. At this point, it seems pretty clear that diet is potentially playing an even more important role in the weight loss than the exercise; I was certainly getting stronger, but the weight didn’t really start to come off until the diet change. I’ll probably start to try finding ways to vary what I’m eating, because I’m getting a little tired of eating almost the same thing every day, but it’s getting the job done right now.

Losing weight is always an interesting process since I see myself in the mirror everyday and can’t really see the difference on a day-to-day basis. That may be one of the hardest parts of losing weight – not being able to see a quick or immediate impact, needing the stamina to get through multiple weeks before really starting to see results. But now that I’m in this far and have seen some success, the drive and desire to keep going continue to grow.

So, short update today. We’ll see if anything new changes over the next week.


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