Fitness Challenge 2k17 Week 11 – Time to Cut the Chips and Salsa?

Chips and salsa is delicious. I will not believe anyone who says otherwise. Thanks to the restrictions I have and have not chosen for myself, this remains one of my few untouched snacks. Unfortunately, this probably is not the healthiest of snacks to choose from. The amount of chips and salsa I consume in a week is probably also questionable.

And yet…

I will not give up my chips and salsa. Excepting for some extreme circumstance, I will be continuing with my chips and salsa post-work for the foreseeable future, though maybe with an attempt to cut down on my portion size.

In other news, I went home for the weekend, and was able (for the most part) to keep up with my goals. I had sugar for the first time in 3 weeks on Saturday with some pancakes for breakfast. However, I did not have syrup or any other similar “fixin’s” on top, and it’s the same pancake mix I have back in Denver. Since I’d intended to finish the sugar I had and then move on, I feel like a part of me wants to justify this as not technically breaking what I’d wanted, but it is technically breaking what I’d said I wanted. It was somewhat out of necessity (didn’t have many options for breakfast), but whatever – we shall move on.

Moving forward, I do want to get back to food tracking on here. I haven’t done so hot with continuing to track on my own, and my diet has changed enough since I was keeping at tracking, so we’ll get back to doing that. I haven’t started tracking yet this week, but I get back to Denver tonight, so I will begin again tomorrow. (It is kind of hard to remember when you eat breakfast at 2 A.M., but we’ll try).

Weight stayed relatively the same this week; wasn’t at my scale at home to see where I was at when the week finished, so we’ll re-report coming up next week. I’m hoping to hit 20 pounds lost since I started my job very soon, and also hope to get down below 200 not long after that.


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