A Letter to the President

In the last week, much has happened in my hometown, Minneapolis, MN. Today, as with the last week (and beyond), the President chose to make comments regarding the situation, which has spread across the country. I decided to write a letter to the President in response. Unfortunately, the letter appears to be much longer than …

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Whose Christianity?

A major theological, philosophical position being transmitted from a large group of evangelical Christians is that the biggest issue here is how far the country has turned from Christianity, and that the one thing that will make the largest impact in solving the issues we’re seeing is the return to Christianity by the country that has been the continuous call of this group for years. The question is, whose Christianity are we to return to?

I am Scared of the Police

That event formed a sort of touchstone memory for me. That is easily the worst interaction I’ve ever had with police of any kind, but it serves as my foundation for every story I hear about policing issues in this country. It is a place I go to where sympathy becomes empathy for people of color in this country, how this small slice of my life is a much broader portion of life for members of that community.